Keysight joins 5G-ACIA to accelerate industrial 5G adoption

5G-ACIAKeysight Technologies announced it has joined 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) to help establish a framework for test and verification that will accelerate deployment of new industrial 5G use cases.

Participants of 5G-ACIA include leading mobile operators, network equipment manufacturers, chip and device manufacturers, industrial automation solution providers, car vendors, research institutes among other prominent companies.

The focus of the alliance will be to utilize 5G to support operational efficiency in manufacturing processes, a greater use of process automation and operational autonomy in factories.

Commenting on the objectives of the alliance, Dr. Andreas Mueller (Bosch), chairman of 5G-ACIA, stated that while 5G has become a reality, there is still work to be done to unlock the huge potential that 5G offers for the manufacturing industry.

“5G-ACIA has been established to fill in the remaining gaps in this respect, and to bring relevant stakeholders in the emerging industrial 5G ecosystem together,” Mueller added.

The partners of 5G-ACIA alliance will work towards the development of interworking technologies, which is a key component in enabling industrial IoT (IIoT) using 5G. Keysight’s expertise in network infrastructure, device and application test solutions will support these objectives, the company said.

The alliance also works towards establishing a new ICT and operational technology (OT) ecosystem and coordinates 3GPP standardization activities relevant to automation industries and manufacturing requirements.

“Keysight’s leadership position in 5G as well as our expertise in engaging with standards bodies like 3GPP and CTIA will support 5G-ACIA in its efforts to create effective test standards and assure the certification of related components,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, vice president of Keysight’s Network Access group.

Keysight has been actively contributing to 5G through other alliances such as the 5G Automotive Association (5G-AA) and engagements with standards bodies like 3GPP and CTIA.

Back in June, Satish Dhanasekaran, senior vice president of Keysight Technologies, was appointed to the Technological Advisory Council (TAC) for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Keysight has improved revenue in their recent quarters due to the growth of 5G networks, 5G chipsets and 5G smartphone market.

Keysight generated revenue of $683 million (+13 percent) from Communications Solutions Group (CSG), driven by demand for 5G solutions across the wireless ecosystem, in the third quarter, the company said.