Kyocera and SoftBank tests backhaul in millimeter-wave band

Kyocera Corporation and SoftBank have conducted a backhaul system verification test utilizing the millimeter-wave band allocated to SoftBank for 5G at SoftBank base stations in Akiruno City, Tokyo, from January to April 2022.
Kyocera and SoftBank demo
This system used a 5G millimeter-wave to connect a backhaul link between a donor station and a relay node station that constitutes the access area. The donor station conformed to the O-RAN Alliance front-hole specifications that connect to the network.

Kyocera and SoftBank confirmed that a backhaul system utilizing 5G millimeter-wave would contribute to shortened construction periods and cost reductions through efficient use in areas where 5G networks are difficult to install due to challenges such as topography. Both companies said 5G millimeter-wave technology could be a new means of communication between base stations and terminals.