LG U+ completes 5G field test in Seoul with Huawei

5G trials by LG U+ and Huawei
LG U+ has completed the first phase of 5G field test in the Sangam area of Seoul in association with Huawei.

LG U+ utilized end-to-end 5G network with 5G gNodeB, Ng Core and a 5G mobile bearer network for the 5G field test in South Korea. The test content covered coverage and capacity tests under the 5G target frequency band millimeter wave 28GHz.

In July 2017, LG Uplus and Korea Telecom launched the world’s first nationwide NB-IoT network in South Korea.

Based on this phase of the test, LG U+ will work with Huawei, to continue to perform high and low frequency joint network tests, and provide continuous coverage networking and mobility tests, to help prepare for the 5G commercial launch.

Huawei said that this field test on 5G network validated the urban coverage and capacity of the 5G target spectrums. LG U+ will deploy Millimeter wave, as the hotspot coverage layer of a 5G network, to improve customer peak rate experience.

LG U+ achieved the downlink rate of 2.5Gbps at a distance of 1 km, far higher than the 1Gbps peak rate defined by ITU, to meet the requirements of hotspot coverage and fixed wireless access services — in the test under Millimeter wave cell.

Huawei said that this 5G field test also verified the large capacity of 5G. The peak rate of single user under millimeter wave 28GHz reached 18.5 Gbps.