MWC 2024: Maxis Selects Google Cloud for GenAI to Drive Innovation

Telecom operator Maxis has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud, integrating generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into its workflow and service offerings.
Maxis 5G business planThe initiative highlights Maxis’ dedication to use latest technology to deliver better services to its customers and enhance customer experience.

By piloting GenAI into its day-to-day operations, Maxis aims to revolutionize digital transformation for enterprise businesses, positioning itself as a leader in driving adoption across both public and private sectors.

Maxis will collaborate with Google Cloud to implement enterprise-grade GenAI within its internal and customer service environments. Leveraging the Duet AI for Developers platform for AI-powered coding assistance in natural language and the multimodal capabilities from the Gemini models on the Vertex AI platform, Maxis anticipates a range of benefits, including improved internal processes, enhanced productivity, and better customer behavior modeling.

Moreover, Maxis will capitalize on the enterprise data controls and privacy protections inherent in Google Cloud’s GenAI capabilities. The company will also focus on adopting a comprehensive framework that integrates data, AI, and cybersecurity to bolster its digital resilience and ensure a safer environment for both customers and operations.

Ng May Ching, Chief Information Officer at Maxis, highlighted the transformative potential of integrating GenAI in the workplace. She emphasized how AI integration streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and elevates customer service through data-driven insights, aligning with Maxis’ dedication to excellence in delivering digital services.

Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, commended Maxis’ foresight in building an AI-ready foundation, enabling the swift adoption of Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade GenAI capabilities. He emphasized the significance of empowering employees to extract insights from vast data sets and streamline operations, ultimately driving tangible business value.

In addition to internal initiatives, Maxis plans to extend its GenAI learnings to the community through flagship programs like eKelas Usahawan and eKelas, aiming to upskill individuals and school students in an increasingly AI-driven world. Furthermore, Maxis and Google Cloud will continue to collaborate on developing applied GenAI solutions for data analytics and cybersecurity while providing skilling opportunities for Maxis employees.