MWC 2015: Nokia, Docomo achieve 2 Gbps speed on indoor 5G trial

Nokia Networks today said its joint indoor 5G trial with NTT Docomo has achieved downlink speeds of more than 2 Gbps using higher frequencies in the 70 GHz band.

Docomo, a Japanese telecom operator, and Nokia Networks are also planning to conduct a 70 GHz outdoor trial later this year.

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NTT Docomo

# Proof of Concept system was demonstrated using an access point and equipment with 1 GHz bandwidth in a laboratory environment.

# Feasibility of Nokia Networks mmWave wireless communication showcased with a mobile terminal in the 70 GHz band.

# 5G PHY and MAC software enabled beam tracking for pedestrian mobility and more than 2 Gbps throughput.

“We believe that high-frequency spectrum shall be used not just for small cells as a means to complement the existing network, but also for building solid area coverage through coordination with existing lower frequency bands,” said Seizo Onoe, CTO, NTT Docomo.

The indoor trial with Nokia Networks using the 70GHz band marks an important step forward in Docomo’s 5G vision for 2020.