MWC 2024: Telefonica Offers On-Demand Premium 5G Network Experience

Ericsson said Telefonica has introduced a pioneering process that allows consumers to access the full benefits of a premium 5G network connection with enhanced performance characteristics through network slicing.
Telefonica’s 5G network in SpainThis feature, available on Android 14-powered smartphones since December 2023, represents a significant advancement in consumer experience and was successfully tested at the 5TONIC Lab in Madrid, Spain.

This proof of concept (PoC) enables subscribers to elevate their service experience via time-restricted premium subscriptions, which can be conveniently purchased on demand. These subscriptions provide users with access to a dedicated slice of the network, curated and provided by Telefonica. Leveraging this technology, Telefonica can offer tailored, premium slicing packages to its subscribers, enhancing their overall connectivity experience.

The implementation of this concept marks a pivotal moment in Ericsson and Telefonica’s ongoing network slicing journey, which commenced in 2021.

Cayetano Carbajo, Director of Core & Transport in Telefonica CTIO, remarked, “This work is a step forward in the Telefonica’s customer journey into slicing enabling monetization of Network assets in the residential market. This mechanism allows on-demand session-based services associated with a tailored quality of experience.”

Mats Karlsson, Head of Solution Area Business and Operations Support Systems at Ericsson, emphasized, “This new approach to network slicing, making innovative use of Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing, represents a key milestone in Ericsson and Telefónica’s ongoing network slicing journey and is set to drive consumer experience to new innovation heights.”

The on-demand process was defined in the GSMA TS.43 specification (July 2023) and developed and implemented in collaboration between Telefonica’s network, Android OS in devices, and Ericsson supplying the underlying network architecture, including its Secure Entitlement Server (SES). Ericsson Charging ensures proper monetization of 5G slicing. These essential features are already available to Ericsson customers.