MWC 2024: TIM Brazil Completes Cloud-Native 5G Core Implementation Powered by Ericsson

Ericsson said TIM Brazil has reached a significant milestone with the implementation of a cloud-native user database in its live 5G Core network, powered by Red Hat OpenShift, a hybrid cloud application platform.
TIM Brazil networkTIM Brazil, known for its innovation leadership, collaborated with Ericsson to activate cloud-native dual-mode 5G data layer functions, enabling ‘in-service software upgrade’ (ISSU) and ‘containers-as-a-service rolling upgrade’ (CaaS RU) functionalities on the Red Hat OpenShift cloud environment.

The integration of these capabilities promises numerous benefits and competitive advantages for TIM Brazil:

Accelerated time to market for new services introduction, executed across all platforms while maintaining network operations without service interruption.

Reduced lead time for software upgrades with agile and automated routines, eliminating manual interventions for deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Enhanced operational efficiency through optimized hardware utilization and resource allocation, dynamically adapting workloads to fluctuating application demands in real-time.

Improved customer experience with minimized downtime for service and software upgrades.

Potential for further optimization through continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), and test automation to minimize manual interventions.

Marco Di Costanzo, CTO of TIM Brazil, expressed enthusiasm about the milestone, stating, “It represents a significant step ahead in our cloud-native 5G roadmap, improving customer experience and enhancing operational efficiency.”

Andrea Faustino, Head of Cloud Software and Services at Ericsson, emphasized the collaborative effort’s significance in pushing the boundaries of cloud-native 5G.

Honore LaBourdette, senior vice president, Global Telco, and vice president, Telco Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat, emphasized that using Red Hat OpenShift as the unified platform for innovation positions TIM to deliver highly differentiated and compelling customer experiences.