Nokia to supply 5G RAN to Elisa in Finland

Nokia has been selected by mobile operator Elisa as the nationwide supplier of 5G RAN in Finland.
Elisa 5G businessNokia, which will provide its AirScale 5G RAN portfolio, will deliver enhanced ultra-fast, low-latency mobile broadband services to both consumer and enterprise customers. Nokia said deployment is expected to begin immediately.

Earlier, Ericsson said it will be one of the suppliers of 5G RAN to Elisa.

Nokia will supply its AirScale 5G Radio Access portfolio for enhanced mobile connectivity, as well as additional use cases such as Massive IoT and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency services (URLLC). This strengthens the partnership Nokia and Elisa have in other areas such as Core and IP Networks, as well as in Telco Cloud and IT domain.

The project will also focus on mobile network technology migration so that new radios will serve both 5G and 4G subscribers across the country. Elisa plans to decommission its 3G network by 2023 to support its move to 5G services.

Nokia’s liquid cooling 5G base station solution reduces the potential energy expense of the base station by 30 percent and CO2 emissions by approximately 80 percent. Nokia has delivered zero-emission products to over 150 customers and is committed to decreasing emissions from its operations by 41 percent by 2030.

“Nokia has been an important strategic partner for us for a long time and its technology has helped us to deliver 5G-based enhanced mobile broadband experiences to customers,” Veli-Matti Mattila, CEO at Elisa, said.