Ofcom aims to release 26 GHz spectrum for 5G services

Swisscom and 5GBritish telecom regulator Ofcom on Friday said it aims to release 26 GHz spectrum band for future 5G services.

Several countries in Europe are giving priority for 26 GHz spectrum band, which covers 3.25 GHz of spectrum between 24.25 GHz and 27.5 GHz, as the first high frequency band for 5G. This mmWave spectrum offers high data capacity and speeds over short distances.

Ofcom is seeking input on 26 GHz spectrum for 5G by 22 September.

Spectrum in the 66-71 GHz band will also be suitable for 5G.

Ofcom has also confirmed its intention to make the 3.6GHz to 3.8GHz band available for mobile use as soon as practicable.

This band has been identified by the UK and EU as part of the primary band for the rollout of 5G services. At present, the band is used by satellite earth stations for space-to-Earth reception and point-to-point fixed links. UK Broadband provides wireless broadband services using part of the band.

Ofcom said its proposed approach would enable future mobile services in the 3.6GHz to 3.8GHz band to be deployed in many areas from around 2020, and nationwide by 2022.