Ofcom to release mmWave spectrum for 5G

Ofcom, UK’s telecom regulator, has decided to make over 6 GHz of millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum available across the 26 GHz (24.25-27.5 GHz) and 40 GHz (40.5 GHz-43.5 GHz) bands for mobile technology, including 5G.
Kazakhstan mobile network
The telecom regulator said the mmWave spectrum has the potential to deliver significant benefits by enabling large increases in wireless data capacity and speeds, and we want to provide industry with certainty of access to this spectrum to enable timely investment and innovation.

Ofcom is inviting responses to the consultation on mmWave spectrum by 22 May 2023.

“We are taking a proactive approach to making mmWave spectrum available, to enable investment in faster, better quality services and innovation. We consider that making the 26 GHz and 40 GHz bands available for new uses at the same time will maximise this spectrum’s potential to benefit for people and businesses,” Ofcom said.

mmWave spectrum across the 26 GHz and 40 GHz bands will be particularly beneficial in locations and venues with a lot of mobile users, such as train stations, football stadiums and concerts, where demands on current networks mean mobile data speeds can be sluggish.

Ofcom will award citywide licences to use mmWave spectrum by auction and assign licenses for more localised licences on a first come, first served basis, using its Shared Access licensing framework.