Ooredoo Myanmar to demo 5G network experience with ZTE

ZTE announced its partnership with Ooredoo Myanmar to demonstrate 5G experiences for the first time in Myanmar.
Ooredoo Myanmar and ZTE 5G
The demonstration showcases 5G use cases, including 5G speed, immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience, as well as drone-based monitoring system.

Rajeev Sethi, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar, said: “Leveraging 3.5GHz and 2.6GHz spectrum, Ooredoo Myanmar will deploy its 5G network by virtue of ZTE’s technologies.”

The 5G speed test reached up to 1.75 Gbps on Ooredoo Myanmar’s 5G network. This ultra-fast speed will support multi-gigabit mobile connectivity, AR and VR experiences, high-definition voice, live broadcast, 3D videos, emergency services, automated driving, critical infrastructure monitoring, etc.

The VR demonstration under Ooredoo Myanmar’s 5G network allows viewers to experience realistic views of every single camera angle without any buffering. Virtual reality – powered by 5G network — can be applied to various industry segment such as retail, education, tourism, gaming and security.

Ooredoo Myanmar’s 5G network would power drones to take images and record videos while flying. The drone — empowered by HD cameras and streaming capabilities — supports automatic delivery of images and remote inspection. Drone-based monitoring system can also be applied to various scenarios, such as pollution control and temperature measurement.

Mei Zhonghua, SVP of ZTE, said: “the company is willing to work with Ooredoo Myanmar to innovate together for a 5G world of intelligence and digitalization in Myanmar.”