Orange Group’s second quarter revenues reach €10.9 bn

Orange Group, a telecommunications company, announced a 2.6 percent rise in revenues for the second quarter of 2023, totaling €10,926 million. The growth was primarily attributed to the outstanding performance of retail services, which benefited from strategic price adjustments.
Orange CEO Christel HeydemannRevenue Breakdown by Region

During the second quarter, Orange generated revenues as follows:

France: €4,384 million (a decrease of 1.3 percent)

Europe: €2,808 million (an increase of 2.7 percent)

Africa & Middle-East: €1,773 million (an increase of 12 percent)

Enterprise: €1,994 million (an increase of 2.4 percent)

Totem: €168 million (a slight rise of 0.7 percent)

International Carriers & Shared Services: €410 million (an increase of 5.2 percent)

Orange’s Customer Base

Orange continues to maintain a strong customer base worldwide:

Mobile phone customers: The company boasts 246.175 million mobile phone customers on its network.

Fixed line customers: Orange serves 44.613 million fixed line customers.

Fixed Broadband customers: The company has 24.475 million Fixed Broadband customers.

Expansion of FTTH Services

As of June 2023, Orange had 68.3 million households connected to FTTH (Fiber to the Home) worldwide, representing a year-on-year increase of 12.6 percent. The FTTH customer base reached 14.6 million, showing a significant rise of 14.4 percent.

Capital Expenditure (Capex) and Strategic Plans

Orange reported a Capex of €3,154 million in the first half of 2023, which indicates a year-on-year reduction of 6.4 percent in Q2 and 5.7 percent in the first half. This reduction aligns with the company’s objective of substantially decreasing Capex for the entire year.

Christel Heydemann, Chief Executive Officer of the Orange Group, expressed satisfaction with the first-half results, stating they were in line with their objectives for 2023. She emphasized that these results demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategic plan Lead the Future, providing confidence in achieving the company’s 2025 objectives.

Changes in Retail Banking Operations

In June 2023, Orange revealed its intention to gradually withdraw Orange Bank from the retail banking market in France and Spain. The company is currently negotiating with BNP Paribas to establish a referral partnership for the Orange Bank customer portfolio in France and is outlining terms for the takeover of Orange Bank activities in Spain. It is essential to note that Orange Bank Africa will remain unaffected. The operation is not expected to impact the Group’s 2023–2025 financial targets.

Upcoming Joint Venture with Masmovil in Spain

Orange aims to receive approval from the European Commission for its joint venture with Masmovil in Spain. The company plans to close the transaction by the end of 2023, marking a significant step in expanding its presence in the Spanish telecommunications market.

Orange’s strong performance in the second quarter and its strategic plans for the future indicate a promising outlook for the company’s growth and development in the global telecommunications industry.