Proximus and Telenet reveal status of spectrum auction in Belgium

Proximus and Telenet have revealed their investment during the spectrum auction that ended in Belgium today.
Kazakhstan mobile networkProximus has secured 45 MHz of spectrum in the 1400 MHz band, in addition to the recently acquired spectrum package in the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz, 700 MHz and 3600 MHz bands. These spectrum licenses represent a total investment of EUR 600 million for a period of 20 years (18 years for the 3600 MHz band).

Proximus has obtained 45 MHz of spectrum in the 1400 MHz band, out of the 90 MHz put up for auction.

“Proximus is looking to build the best gigabit network for Belgium and is already rolling out fiber on a large scale. We are therefore very satisfied with the outcome of this auction. The spectrum package we have acquired will allow us to roll out 5G in an optimal way and make a difference in terms of network quality, as we aim to offer the best mobile experience in Belgium,” Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus Group.

Telenet Group has obtained 15 MHz in the 1400 MHz band for an amount of €38 million following the auction organized by BIPT.

Telenet has won 15 MHz (38 percent of the 40 MHz) of the more core part of the 1400 MHz band at a price of €38 million, in addition to the 200 MHz spectrum already acquired during the first auction in June. The 1400 MHz band is divided into a core part and two extensions. The core part is more valuable because it can be used for 4G and 5G, whereas the extension lots can only be used for 5G.