Singtel CTO Mark Chong on using 28 Ghz mmWave for 5G

Singtel chief technology officer Mark Chong has revealed the telecom operator will use 28 Ghz mmWave in addition to 3.5Ghz and 2100Mhz frequencies to boost its 5G speeds in Singapore.
Singtel CTO Mark Chong
Singtel customers with 5G plans can expect to receive 5G mobile speeds of up to 3 Gbps speeds when mmWave-enabled handsets arrive in Singapore next year.

mmWave offers more bandwidth, higher capacity and lower latency, and is an ideal frequency to deliver mobile coverage in manufacturing and industrial plants, maritime ports and airports, as well as dense environments such as concert venues and live sporting events.

“We are working with enterprise customers in key industries to develop 5G solutions in areas such as autonomous guided vehicles, mixed reality and location-based services,” Mark Chong said.

Singtel has switched on mmWave in several locations across the island, including Orchard Road, the Padang area and Marina Bay Sands Expo.

Singtel’s 5G network uses mmWave through a combination of the latest cellular technologies including Massive MIMO (Multiple input multiple output), carrier aggregation and beam-forming solutions.