Singtel intros network slices platform Paragon to boost 5G business

Singtel announced the launch of Paragon, a platform that enables enterprises to tap into Singtel’s 5G network to activate network slices on demand, deploy applications on Singtel MEC (multi-access edge compute).
Singtel 5G for business
The platform empowers enterprises to deploy applications in a hybrid fashion across the edge at Singtel MEC and a public cloud of their choice. Singtel said Paragon is the industry’s first all-in-one orchestration platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services. It reduces the complexity and time needed to adopt 5G MEC and low latency applications and services.

Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise, Singtel, said: “We invite partners in 5G-related fields, from chipset manufacturers, Internet-of-Things devices, apps and software developers, content producers, systems integrators and solution providers, to join us, as we scale this platform regionally and globally with other telecommunication leaders.”

Without an all-in-one solution like Paragon, enterprises have to juggle multiple tools to manage their network connectivity, cloud and application lifecycle at the edge. Paragon empowers enterprises to interact with the 5G network and deploy their edge computing applications and services on Singtel’s infrastructure independently.

This shortens their innovation curve and improves time-to-market as well as reduces costs. Enterprises can also access a wide range of solutions from our partners to deliver their 5G use cases. Compared to the 4G and public cloud-enabled edge computing solutions, Paragon provides improvement in latency with much higher bandwidth throughput from Singtel’s 5G network.

Other 5G features like network slicing – which usually requires weeks to acquire and set-up – can be done almost instantly, autonomously and as many times as needed. Enterprises can also optimize cost by utilizing a network slice only when there is a need and for the intended duration.

Through the Paragon Marketplace, which operates like an app store, partners can integrate their offerings through industry standard application programming interface (API) to build and deploy their solutions on Paragon.