Singtel Trials App-Based Network Slicing Technology at Australian Open

Singtel, in collaboration with partners Ericsson and Samsung, has announced the live implementation of app-based network slicing technology.
Australian Open 2023This advancement empowers app owners to activate a dedicated and customized slice of Singtel’s 5G network, thereby enhancing the performance of their applications and delivering an unparalleled user experience.

Unlike previous network slicing technologies that primarily differentiated network experiences based on subscribers’ lines, the newly introduced User Equipment Route Selection Policy (URSP) with Application Detection Control (ADC) enables app-specific optimization.

Tested during the live streaming of the Australian Open using Singtel’s CAST application, this technology heralds a new era of network customization, particularly benefiting apps demanding high data performance such as workplace productivity tools, gaming platforms, and media streaming services, as well as artificial intelligence and augmented reality applications.

URSP, integrated into Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core solution, facilitates efficient data traffic management by channeling it through dedicated optimal paths between smart devices and Singtel’s 5G network. This ensures seamless data delivery, optimizing performance, reliability, and user experience on mobile devices.

Samsung, one of the earliest adopters of URSP technology, has configured it for its Galaxy S24 Ultra and plans to extend its integration across other devices, emphasizing seamless compatibility and enhanced user experiences.

Tay Yeow Lian, Managing Director of Networks at Singtel Singapore, highlighted the significance of tailored 5G network slices in delivering enriched user experiences amidst escalating data consumption trends.

Daniel Ode, Head of Ericsson for Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and Global Customer Unit (GCU) Singtel Group in Market Area Southeast Asia, Oceania & India (MOAI), underscored the role of URSP features in enabling consumers to customize their network profiles, thereby optimizing 5G RAN Slicing with Quality of Service.

Dennis Jang, President of Samsung Electronics Singapore, reiterated Samsung’s commitment to user-centric innovation, highlighting the integration of URSP technology into the Galaxy S24 Series as a testament to the company’s focus on enhancing user empowerment and delivering seamless, dependable, and responsive user experiences.

Singtel has been at the forefront of network slicing advancements, leveraging dynamic resource allocation and traffic prioritization at major events to deliver premium experiences to its subscribers.

From boosting its CAST app during the Grand Prix Season Singapore and the FIFA World Cup Qatar to implementing Priority-Admission Control during Singapore’s National Day Parade, Singtel lead the charge in shaping the future of telecommunications.

The recent implementation of network slicing at the 2024 New Year’s Eve Countdown event further demonstrates Singtel’s commitment to ensuring seamless connectivity and delivering unparalleled user experiences, even in highly congested network environments.