SK Telecom deploys 5G infrastructure in K-City for self-driving

SK Telecom 5G Repeater
SK Telecom has deployed 5G infrastructure in K-City, a pilot city for self-driving, in partnership with Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA).

Korea’s leading telecom operator based on subscriber base and revenue said that this is the world’s first 5G infrastructure-equipped test autonomous driving city.

SK Telecom said the 5G test network has 20 Gbps download capacity for downloading a 1GB video file in 0.4 seconds, 5G communications control center that transfers data to a test vehicle in less than 0.001 second, and 3D HD map with high accuracy of less than 20cm.

K-City has wireless and wired slots connected in 5G network to assist Korean companies and organizations to test their 5G autonomous driving technology and speed up their technological development.

K-City, located in Hwaseong, southwest of Seoul, has total area of around 363,000㎡. It has a variety of test driving lanes that resemble real world driving conditions such as a school zone and bus-only lane.

“We will keep developing 5G infrastructure in K-City so that we can make it at the forefront of 5G self-driving,” said Park Jin-hyo, EVP, ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom.