SK Telecom develops 5G-powered robot to handle Covid-19

SK Telecom, in association with Omron Electronics, developed a 5G-powered autonomous robot to enable an efficient response against the coronavirus (COVID-19).
SK Telecom 5G-Powered Autonomous RobotThe robot built with advanced technologies, including 5G, AI, autonomous driving and IoT, conduct activities such as contactless temperature screenings for visitors and disinfection of the building.

The robot automatically moves towards visitors check body temperatures using a thermal imaging camera. In case the measured temperature is 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher, it sets off an alarm and alerts the control center.

Based on this data transmitted over 5G network in real time, SK Telecom will be able to take necessary measures like prohibiting people with suspicious symptoms from entering the building, etc.

The robot, equipped with UV lamps and automatic floor disinfectant sprayers, automatically disinfects the building. It can achieve 99.9 percent disinfection of 33 square meters of surface areas in just 10 minutes.

Applied with SK Telecom’s self-developed AI-based video analysis solution, the 5G robot will also able to identify places where people are gathered and then move to the location to play a message stressing the importance of social distancing. It will also identify people who are not wearing face masks and request them to wear one.

SK Telecom said it will ensure greater efficiency in both operation and management of the robot through the application of its big data analytics solution Metatron. Metatron will analyze the robot’s component management data collected via IoT sensors to check the real-time status of the robot and perform predictive maintenance.

SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea plan to deploy the 5G-powered robot at their headquarters first and will officially launch the device in Korea this year and in global markets next year.