SK Telecom reveals Capex of 3 trillion in 2023

SK Telecom has revealed that its Capex (capital expenditure) for 2023 will be similar to 3.035 trillion KRW it spent in 2022.
SK Telecom Capex 2022
The number of 5G subscribers of SK Telecom reached 13.39 million, taking up over 50 percent of its total mobile subscriber base.

SK Broadband attracted 9.32 million pay TV subscribers as of the end of 2022. SK Broadband’s Capex has reached 820 billion KRW in 2022.

SK Telecom has reported revenue of KRW 17.305 trillion (+3.3 percent) and operating income of KRW 1.612 trillion (+16.2 percent) in 2022 thanks to growth in all business areas including fixed and mobile telecommunications, media and enterprise.
SK Telecom 5G growth 2022
Net income of SK Telecom dropped by 60.8 percent to KRW 947.8 billion due to factors including the exclusion of equity method gains from SK Hynix.

SK Broadband reported 2.6 percent growth in revenue to KRW 4.156 trillion and 10.9 percent hike in operating income to KRW 305.7 billion, driven by pay TV subscribers and enterprise business.