SK Telecom targets to deploy commercial 5G network this year

SK Telecom 5G-PON
SK Telecom on Monday said it targets to deploy nation-wide commercial 5G network in South Korea this year.

SK Telecom has 30.2 million wireless subscribers including 22.87 million LTE users. LTE user base forms 75.7 percent of the total subscribers at the end of 2017. Mobile data usage per LTE subscriber rose by 0.8GB to 6GB.

The Seoul-based SK Telecom reported revenue of KRW 17.520 trillion (+2.5 percent), operating income of KRW 1.537 trillion (+0.1 percent), and net income of KRW 2.658 trillion (+60.1 percent) in 2017.

SK Telecom said the 2.5 percent increase in annual revenue was fuelled by sales increase in its media and IoT sectors.

SK Broadband posted annual revenue of KRW 3.501 trillion (+3.6  percent) compared to last year, thanks to increasing subscriber numbers of Giga Internet and IPTV as well as boost in VoD sales. SK Telecom’s other revenues including sales in IoT solutions increased 10.8 percent to KRW 978.7 billion.