SoftBank sources ZTE 5G base stations for trial

ZTE 5G for SoftBankZTE has supplied 5G base stations and core network equipment to SoftBank for the 4.5GHz band experiment.

SoftBank and ZTE will conduct 5G trials at experimental sites constructed at Shiba-Daimon area in Tokyo, Japan.

ZTE, a leading telecom equipment maker from China, has been supplying Massive MIMO equipment for SoftBank’s commercial networks since 2016. SoftBank aims to commercially launch 5G services in Japan in 2020.

SoftBank, a leading telecom operator in Japan, has implemented new radio interface to be adopted for 5G and Massive MIMO, and has scheduled experiments with multiple terminals in densely built buildings such as central Tokyo. SoftBank will conduct experiments for 5G use cases like enhanced mobile broadband communication and mobility verifications etc.