Spark launches 5G service in Auckland Viaduct area

Spark has launched 5G services in the Auckland Viaduct area of New Zealand to offer high-speed mobile connectivity to a major international sailing event.
Nokia Anna Wills
Nokia said the 5G network will leverage its AirScale radio portfolio to deliver ultra-fast data speeds with low-latency. The upgraded mobile network allows Spark’s customers to experience new interactive applications while making existing ones more efficient, even under the significant traffic demands of a major sporting event.

Anna Wills, head of Oceania at Nokia, said: “We help Spark create extraordinary experiences by bringing 5G to customers in Auckland. 5G delivers the speed and immediacy requirements of big events like sports tournaments, music concerts and cultural festivals.”

Nokia has deployed NetAct across Spark’s network. NetAct manages both radio and core networks, and provides applications that oversee fault, configuration, performance and security management. Nokia is providing network planning and new product introduction support to optimize 5G performance.

Nokia is already supporting Spark’s 5G networks across New Zealand.

“By leveraging Nokia’s technology, we will be able to increase capacity and coverage in the most demanding areas,” Raj Singh, general manager of Value Management at Spark New Zealand, said.