Swisscom aims 5G launch in 2018 with Ericsson

Swisscom and 5GTelecom operator Swisscom announced the company’s plans to launch 5G mobile services at the end of 2018.

Swisscom has already selected Ericsson as its 5G network equipment supplier to provide the first 5G hardware and software and implement it in the Swisscom mobile network this year. The company’s telecom engineers will be trialling Switzerland’s first 5G mast in Ittigen. The development of an efficient 5G network is dependent on amendment of regulatory parameters.

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Heinz Herren, CIO & CTO Swisscom said: “Swisscom has set a few 5G test milestones in recent years, which is why we will be able to equip our mobile network with 5G as early as this year.”

Though the 5G-ready mobile phones are expected at the beginning of 2019, the rollout of the first 5G infrastructure highlights Swisscom’s ambition to always offer its customers the latest technologies.

The company’s investment and growth in 5G mobile networks will depend on amendment of Ordinance on Protection from Non-ionizing Radiation (ONIR) and a change in measurement procedures, according to EY that worked with with the mobile communication industry to evaluate the 5G situation in Switzerland.

Swisscom will conduct 5G trial in the middle of March 2018 and aims to roll out 5G in the mobile network at selected sites by the end of 2018. The company will start expanding the 5G network after getting regulatory approvals.