T-Mobile Boosts 5G Network with New Spectrum Activation

T-Mobile has unveiled plans to enhance its 5G network by activating the 2.5 GHz spectrum it secured in auction 108, marking a significant expansion in its Ultra Capacity 5G coverage across the United States. This move promises improved performance for millions of customers, particularly those residing in rural areas.
T-Mobile 5G for smartphone customersThe telecom giant aims to activate vast amounts of new 5G spectrum acquired in Auction 108 over the coming weeks, extending coverage to over 57 million customers across nearly 300,000 square miles. This deployment will immediately enhance network performance for users, particularly those in rural regions.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert expressed the telecom operator’s readiness to utilize the acquired spectrum, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering game-changing Ultra Capacity 5G to a broader customer base. T-Mobile’s strategic investment of $304 million in the FCC’s Auction 108 in 2022 secured over 7,000 county-based licenses, covering more than 80 million people, with a significant focus on rural areas.

The deployment of this spectrum is expected to bring more connectivity and performance to underserved areas, benefiting customers of both mobile and broadband internet services. T-Mobile’s initiative will introduce much-needed choice and competition to millions of Americans, with immediate improvements in connectivity anticipated for over 60 million customers in the coming days.

The nationwide impact of T-Mobile’s spectrum activation is evident, with licenses acquired in nearly every county across the country. This extensive coverage ensures that even regions not directly served by the new spectrum stand to benefit from enhanced 5G connectivity.

For instance, in Louisiana, T-Mobile’s deployment will cover 92 percent of counties, translating to connectivity improvements for over 1.7 million residents, including half a million in rural areas. Similarly, in Pennsylvania, approximately 2.2 million people, including nearly a million in rural communities, will experience performance boosts.

This move underscores T-Mobile’s ongoing efforts to expand its industry-leading 5G network rapidly. Customers interested in experiencing T-Mobile’s network can do so through the Network Pass, offering three months of unlimited smartphone data, including 5G, free of charge for users with unlocked eSIM-compatible phones.

T-Mobile’s 5G network, now recognized as the largest, fastest, and most awarded in the United States, covers over 330 million people across two million square miles. With over 300 million individuals benefiting from T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G, the company continues to outpace competitors in terms of coverage and performance.