T-Mobile Expands 5G Network Across Virginia, Achieving Wider Coverage

T-Mobile, a leading wireless carrier, has announced substantial investments in its 5G wireless service across the state of Virginia, resulting in an impressive expansion of coverage across nearly 32,000 square miles. The enhancements now provide 5G coverage to nearly 97 percent of Virginia’s population.
T-Mobile 5G for smartphone customersOver the course of 2021, T-Mobile executed an ambitious plan to bolster its 5G coverage in Virginia. This effort involved the addition of over 900 new towers and the upgrade of more than 1,500 existing towers throughout the state.

The primary goals were to expand the 5G coverage footprint, enhance capacity, and keep pace with the burgeoning growth in suburban and rural areas, ultimately enhancing the performance of T-Mobile’s wireless networks. Looking ahead, T-Mobile has outlined plans for further installations and upgrades to existing towers by the conclusion of 2023, aimed at boosting capacity and data speeds even further.

Luis Reyes, T-Mobile’s Vice President of Network, Northeast Region, expressed pride in the rapid growth of the T-Mobile 5G network across Virginia. He acknowledged the concerted efforts of the engineering team, combined with successful collaboration with state and local entities, for achieving faster speeds, more reliable services, and an exceptional wireless experience for Virginians.

In addition to network enhancements, T-Mobile has extended its retail presence in Virginia, particularly in smaller communities and rural towns. The company has opened numerous retail stores between 2022 and 2023, and presently operates approximately 80 retail locations within the state.

T-Mobile is committed to further expanding its retail footprint in Virginia, with plans for additional store openings in 2023 and 2024, ensuring accessibility and convenience for its growing customer base.


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