T-Mobile revenue drops 2.4% to $19.63 bn in first quarter

T-Mobile said its total revenue in the first quarter of 2023 fell 2.4 percent to $19.63 billion despite achieving 2.8 percent rise in service revenue at $15.546 billion.
T-Mobile The Un-CarrierT-Mobile added 538,000 post-paid phone subscribers in the March quarter. The company added 927,000 post-paid phone subscribers in the December quarter.

T-Mobile has raised its full-year forecast for wireless subscriber growth. It aims to add 5.3 million — 5.7 million postpaid customers against prior guidance of 5 million — 5.5 million, T-Mobile said in its earnings report.

T-Mobile’s Postpaid ARPU reached 48.63 in Q1 2023 vs 48.86 in Q4 2022 and 48.41 in Q1 2022.

T-Mobile’s pre-paid ARPU reached 37.98 in Q1 2023 vs 38.29 in Q4 2022 and 39.19 in Q1 2022.

T-Mobile aims to spend $9.4 to $9.7 billion towards Capex in 2023. T-Mobile said its 5G network covers 98 percent of Americans and Ultra-Capacity 5G covers 275 million people.