T-Mobile Unveils Go5G Next Plan, Offering Yearly Phone Upgrades and Great Deals

T-Mobile has taken another groundbreaking step in the wireless industry with the introduction of its latest offering, Go5G Next. This new plan guarantees customers the ability to upgrade their phones every year, all while enjoying the same fantastic device deals available to both new and existing customers.
T-Mobile The Un-CarrierEarlier this year, T-Mobile revolutionized the industry with its Un-carrier move called Phone Freedom. This initiative addressed the issue of “contract creep,” where traditional carriers quietly extended device contracts, leaving customers locked in for three years to access the best deals. T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus, launched as part of this effort, proved to be a massive hit, becoming the company’s most popular plan in no time.

With Go5G Next, T-Mobile takes this concept a step further to cater to the 10 percent of surveyed customers who prioritize upgrading to the latest smartphone every 12 months. This might sound like a small percentage, but it accounts for over 33 million people in the U.S. population.

CEO Mike Sievert emphasized T-Mobile’s commitment to delivering value and options that align with customers’ needs, unlike other carriers that tend to limit choices and lock customers in. He stated, “At T-Mobile, we’re focused on giving customers the best network, best value, and best experience—and that means upgrading on your terms. Go5G Next brings more flexibility and freedom to wireless and another end to longer-than-you-want device contracts.”

Here’s how Go5G Next works:

Switch to Go5G Next.

Get the latest 5G phone on T-Mobile’s no-interest phone payment plan (EIP) with any eligible offer. Currently, this includes a free 5G smartphone for both new and existing customers, given an eligible trade-in, through 24 monthly bill credits plus tax.

Once you’ve paid off half of your phone, you become eligible for an upgrade. In most cases, this means you can upgrade every year or even sooner.

Trade in your old phone (T-Mobile pays off your remaining EIP!), and upgrade to the latest phone using a new EIP.

Notably, customers only need to pay off half of their phone’s cost to be upgrade-ready. Considering T-Mobile’s 24-month financing plans, this typically occurs within just 12 months. For those who prefer quicker upgrades, Go5G Next customers can do so in as little as 6 months, provided they’ve paid off half of their phone. T-Mobile covers the remaining balance.

Additionally, Go5G Next offers an array of perks, such as Netflix on Us, free in-flight Wi-Fi, high-speed data in over 215 destinations, Scam Shield protection, and more. These extras amount to over $270 in added value each month for customers with two or more lines.

In comparison to premium plans from AT&T and Verizon, Go5G Next offers a similar price point or even lower for customers with three lines. Moreover, Go5G Next customers can enjoy yearly upgrades, a stark contrast to the three-year waiting period for the best deals imposed by AT&T and Verizon.

As T-Mobile continues to redefine the wireless landscape, Go5G Next stands as a testament to its commitment to customer-centric innovation and unwavering dedication to providing value-packed plans that cater to diverse needs.