Tata Communications’ IoT network powers streetlights in Jamshedpur

IoT network
Tata Communications and MOTWANE have completed India’s largest deployment of smart streetlights for Jamshedpur Utilities and Services (JUSCO).

The new streetlights are powered by Tata Communications’ public Internet of Things (IoT) network based on LoRaWAN technology in India.

JUSCO’s project in Jamshedpur, which has deployed 300 lights, is the biggest smart street lighting deployment in India. It will pave the way for a total of 15,000 lights to be installed in the city in the next 5 years.

Vodafone is another operator in India with strong ambitions in the Indian IoT network market.

Tata Communications partnered with MOTWANE to deliver an end-to-end solution of smart streetlights for JUSCO. This encompasses the device to application, and network to platform services.

Ashish Mathur, managing director of JUSCO, said: “IoT is the biggest game-changer we are experiencing in urban planning and management. Tata Communications’ IoT based smart streetlights solution meets all our needs. It offers significant cost savings of around INR 700 per light, per year, because of its low-power consumption.”

Tata Communications is building the world’s largest IoT network based on LoRaWAN technology, covering nearly 2,000 communities and touching over 400 million people in total. Tata Communications has already rolled out IoT network in 38 cities in 2017.