Telenor to select 5G network vendor after pilots in Norway

Telenor Group announced its 5G piloting in Norway in partnership with telecom network supplier Ericsson.
Telenor grows in AsiaTelenor is already conducting 5G pilot in Kongsberg.

Bjorn Ivar Moen, acting CEO, Telenor Norway, said the telecom operator is yet to select the network vendor for 5G. “Both the existing pilot in Kongsberg and our newest pilot activity will enable us to better evaluate which technological, functional and commercial solutions are optimal for our future 5G network.”

Recently, Telenor selected Ericsson and Nokia to deliver a modernization of the core mobile networks for its telecom business Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which will support the 5G radio access network. Telenor did not select Huawei and ZTE, two leading telecom network suppliers from China.

Ruza Sabanovic, chief technology officer at Telenor Group, said the new 5G pilot will kick off in Q2 2019 and will run until 2020, when Telenor will launch its commercial 5G network in Norway.

The pilot is in the planning stage and its location and specific use cases will be announced at a later stage, Telenor said.