Telia to cut Capex after spending SEK 15.9 bn in 2022

Telia Company said its Capex (capital expenditure), excluding fees for licenses and spectrum and right of use assets, is estimated to be SEK 13-14 billion for 2023.
Telia CEO Allison KirkbyCapex excluding fees for licenses, spectrum and right-of-use assets, decreased slightly to SEK 15.95 billion in 2022 from SEK 15.88 billion in 2021. Telia’s Capex in Q4 2022 dropped 15.5 percent to SEK 5.022 billion from SEK 5.944 billion.

Telia said sales increased 3.8 percent to SEK 24.261 billion in Q4. Sales of Telia increased 2.8 percent to SEK 90.827 billion.

Telia 5G is now available to more than 70 percent of the Nordic/Baltic population.

In Norway, Telia is the leader in 5G, with population coverage increasing further to 84 percent. Telia has continued its network modernization and 5G roll-, resulting in a 5G population coverage that reached 84 percent as well as a greatly improved 4G network.

In Lithuania, Telia said 5G was launched nation-wide in the previous quarter and its 5G has a clear price premium versus 4G.

In Denmark, Telia launched a home broadband service based on 5G technology to cover the family’s internet, streaming and gaming needs. The service that is based on a cable free mobile 5G router is fully mobile and can be used across the entire country.

In Lithuania, Telia launched 5G in the previous quarter and immediately reached 80 percent population coverage, resulting in a population coverage of 86 percent by year end. Telia stopped 3G and the 900 MHz and 2100 MHz frequency bands previously used for 3G will be used for 4G and 5G communication as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

In Estonia, Telia secured 700 MHz spectrum earlier in the year. Telia said its 5G rollout pace accelerated and reached a population coverage of 43 percent by the end of the year.