TIM launches 5G in San Marino taking Europe to next level

Telecom Italia (TIM) announced the launch of 5G services on millimetere wave (mmWave) platform in San Marino — taking Europe to the next level in the wireless space.
TIM 5G launchedFinland-based Nokia and the US-based Qualcomm Technologies have supported TIM to achieve this first milestone in Europe. Interestingly, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE could not yet achieve this milestone in the 5G space.

TIM San Marino CEO Cesare Pisani, INWIT CEO Giovanni Ferigo, TIM Head of Technology Innovation Enrico Maria Bagnasco and TIM Head of Innovation Attilio Somma, Olivetti Head of IoT Connectivity & Solutions Mario Polosa, Nokia Italia CEO Massimo Mazzocchini and Qualcomm Europe President Enrico Salvatori attended the 5G launch.

TIM has conducted the following live demos of 5G services which will be available in San Marino.

# Smart City services, with Smart Parking and Gas & Water Metering applications
# Solutions to monitor air quality, using IoT sensors placed on urban buses
# Smart Agriculture systems based on the principles of the sharing economy
# Public Security services
# Services for Industry 4.0
# Digital tourism services using Virtual Reality solutions

Attendees tested the 5G mobile test device, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem that is expected to be commercially available in 2019.

TIM will test 5G services for Smart Cities, public safety, environment, healthcare, tourism, culture, transport and media.