Top countries in terms of 5G download speed: Opensignal

The latest Opensignal report has revealed the top countries in terms of 5G download speeds and 5G upload speeds.
Telstra broadbandSouth Korea is leading in terms of global 5G download speed, Opensignal said.

The top 10 countries in terms of global 5G download speed are South Korea (432.7 Mbps), Malaysia (382.2 Mbps), Sweden (333.9 Mbps), UAE (315.9 Mbps), Qatar (275.9 Mbps), Taiwan (274.2 Mbps), Kuwait (267.6 Mbps), New Zealand (256.7 Mbps), Saudi Arabia (237.9 Mbps), Israel (217.5 Mbps) and Romania (173.2 Mbps).

Opensignal’s last 5G benchmark report in March had three markets surpassed the 300 Mbps mark for 5G download speeds, now there are six.

Taiwan tops 5G Peak Download with 922.5 Mbps. South Korea (860.1 Mbps), Norway (842.1 Mbps), Sweden (787.9 Mbps) and the UAE (742.8 Mbps) rank very highly as well. Bulgaria joins this top 15 table, with a 5G Peak Download Speed of 820.5 Mbps.

The top markets for 5G Upload Speed are mostly unchanged from our previous analyses. Here speeds continue to change little, because in most 5G deployments operators have focused on boosting users’ download speeds rather than upload.