Top ten 5G predictions for 2020

Analyst firm Dell’Oro Group has revealed the top ten 5G predictions for 2020.
Verizon 5G network by Ericsson
The 5G infrastructure RAN and core markets are undergoing change both from a supply and demand perspective impacting both the near-term and long-term opportunities.

Top ten 5G predictions for 2020

# 5G RAN+Core Infrastructure Market to More than Double

# Early Adopters to Embrace 5G SA

# More than 100 Million Transceiver

# Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Takes Off

# 5G NR Indoor Small Cell Market to Surpass LTE

# Millimeter Wave (mmW) to Approach 10% of 5G NR Small Cell Installed Base

# 5G MBB to Account for More than 99% of the 5G NR Market

# Virtual RAN 5G NR Revenues to Exceed Open RAN 5GNR Revenues

# 5G NR RAN Revenue HHI to Increase >100 Points

# 5G NR Subscriptions to Approach 200 million

“With 5G being a significant driver of the state of the market today propelling the overall RAN market to five consecutive quarters of Y/Y growth, expectations are rising for 2020,” said Stefan Pongratz, vice president and analyst, RAN and Telecom Capex at Dell’Oro Group.