Verizon 5G broadband to reach Houston this year

American wireless major Verizon announced that its 5G network will reach Houston starting in the second half of 2018.
Verizon 5G small cellEricsson, a telecom equipment maker from Sweden, has already said it would supply 5G-enabled LTE equipment to Verizon for its expansion plans.

Verizon will be spending nearly $10 billion towards its Capex plan targeting LTE, 5G and broadband in the second half of 2018. The total Capex of Verizon during the current year will be between $17-17.8 billion.

Houston is the third city Verizon identified as part of its four market 5G deployment plan, which will deliver residential 5G broadband service.

Verizon previously announced Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner will host a news conference with Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, CTO and incoming CEO Hans Vestberg and City of Houston CIO Lisa Kent to educate residents and businesses on what this 5G deployment means for the city.

“We’re delighted to be one of the first cities to bring 5G to our local communities and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Verizon,” Mayor Turner said in a statement.

“With 5G we are ushering in a fourth industrial revolution that will help reshape cities and lead to unprecedented innovation, and Houston will be at the forefront of that innovation,” said Verizon’s Vestberg.

AT&T earlier announced the expansion of its mobile 5G coverage. The latest announcement from Verizon indicates that Verizon is not bringing its mobile 5G this year.