Verizon opens 5G innovation lab in New York’s Silicon Alley

Ericsson 5G for telecomsUS-based telecom operator Verizon has opened a 5G-enabled Open Innovation lab in New York’s Silicon Alley to work with startups and academics.

The development assumes significance as Verizon is going ahead with the launch of fixed wireless 5G next year. Sweden-based Ericsson is the telecom equipment supplier for Verizon for the nationwide rollout of commercial 5G services in 2018.

Verizon created the 5G-enabled lab space through a partnership with Alley, a co-working community that collocates startups, accelerators, and entrepreneurs. The 5G lab will serve as a place to advance new technology ideas, concepts, and solutions with Verizon innovation, product, and venture teams.

“One of the best ways to unleash the true possibilities of 5G is by getting it into the hands of innovators and visionaries,” said Toby Redshaw, Verizon SVP of Strategy, Innovation and Product Development.

List of initial startups and academics:







NYU Future Reality Lab

Columbia University’s Graphics and User Interfaces Lab

Verizon plans on offering access to dedicated space in Alley to select participants who are looking to explore 5G test cases that benefit from the speed and latency characteristics native to 5G. Verizon expects the initiative will provide additional insights into the service and technology, as well as new concepts and use cases brought by those invited to the trial.

Verizon said 5G trials are beginning with an initial wave of six innovative startups and two academic partners. These include pioneers of augmented reality (AR) and multi-user virtual reality (VR) along with platform startups working to analyze and optimize video delivery.

Verizon is also working with NYC Media Lab to host The Combine, a university spinout accelerator, and will seek additional trial participants through the program.


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