Vodafone buys spectrum in 700 MHz band to expand 5G in Spain

Vodafone Spain has acquired 2×10 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band from the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO) for €350 million (reserve price for the acquired block).
Vodafone 5G store
In addition, a licensing fee of €15.5 million will be payable each year.

The spectrum has initial holding rights until 2041, with an automatic renewal with no additional fees for a further 20 years (until 2061).

Vodafone will use the spectrum to continue offering one of the leading mobile experiences in Spain through its built right approach to 5G, expanding its footprint and offering better coverage, including indoor buildings.

Colman Deegan, CEO of Vodafone Spain, said: “Vodafone welcomes the improved conditions offered by the government for this spectrum auction, which represents an important step towards achieving a sustainable, economically viable sector necessary for continued investment in connectivity.”

Vodafone Spain has the following spectrum holdings before and after the auction:

Existing Holding Purchased Post-purchase
700 MHz 2×10 MHz 2×10 MHz (exp 2041+20yrs)
800 MHz 2×10 MHz (exp 2031) 2×10 MHz (exp 2031)
900 MHz 2×10 MHz (exp 2028) 2×10 MHz (exp 2028)
1800 MHz 2×20 MHz (exp 2030) 2×20 MHz (exp 2030)
2.1 GHz 2×15+5 MHz (exp 2030) 2×15+5 MHz (exp 2030)
2.6 GHz 2×20+20 MHz (exp 2030) 2×20+20 MHz (exp 2030)
3.6 GHz 90 MHz (exp 2038) 90 MHz (exp 2038)