Vodafone CEO Margherita Della Valle’s salary revealed

Annual report of Vodafone indicated that Margherita Della Valle has received £4.38 million towards total remuneration during fiscal 2024 against £3.407 million in the previous fiscal.
Margherita Della Valle, CEO of VodafoneMargherita Della Valle’s remuneration includes fixed remuneration of £1.402 million and variable remuneration of £2.978 million during fiscal 2024.

There will be no change in the remuneration to Margherita Della Valle during fiscal 2025, Vodafone said in its annual report.

Margherita Della Valle was appointed Group Chief Executive on 27 April 2023, having previously held the role on an interim basis effective 1 January 2023.

Prior to this Margherita Della Valle had held the role of Chief Financial Officer. Margherita Della Valle’s 2024 single figure therefore predominantly reflects remuneration received in respect of her time as Group Chief Executive whereas her 2023 single figure includes remuneration arrangements in relation to her time as Chief Financial Officer.