Vodafone in IoT deal with retailer Mango

Vodafone Business IoTVodafone announced its Internet of Things (IoT) deal with global fashion retailer Mango as part of the digital strategy.

Vodafone will assist Mango to rollout digital fitting rooms to the company’s top stores worldwide. Mango’s IT investment programs are not revealed.

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Mango has designed the digital fitting room around a new Internet of Things (IoT) digital mirror, developed by Vodafone in collaboration with Jogotech.

Retail consumers at Mango can scan the clothes tags in the fitting room and then contact shop floor staff directly from the mirror, through a digital watch, to request different sizes or colours.

The mirror will also suggest additional clothes to complement the original choice. Mango’s aim is to extend the digital fitting room to its top stores, from Barcelona to New York and blend the online and real world shopping experiences for the Mango customers.

This is the first phase of a digital transformation project for Mango to create new ways for customers to engage and relate to the brand.

“This project will bring Mango closer to its fashion conscious shoppers and offer them more options and experiences than a conventional fitting room,” Stefano Gastaut, Vodafone Director of Internet of Things, said.