Vodafone’s Small Cell Deployments Deliver Impressive Speeds at Trafalgar Square Event

Vodafone, in collaboration with Ontix, has revealed the success of small cell deployments during a recent event at Trafalgar Square, boasting average download speeds of over 43Mbps.
Vodafone's 4G network in the UKThe event, West End LIVE, a two-day extravaganza attended by 65,000 musical theatre enthusiasts, showcased the prowess of Ontix’s wireless infrastructure.

According to Opensignal, London’s average 4G download speed stands at 33.6Mbps, making the achievement at Trafalgar Square particularly noteworthy. Ontix, a UK-based wireless infrastructure company, strategically positioned seven compact Ericsson units on lampposts around the iconic tourist destination, effectively enhancing mobile data connectivity.

During West End LIVE, the small cell units successfully handled a surge in mobile data demand, enabling Vodafone customers to experience seamless connectivity during the open-air concert. Inakalum, mobile coverage surveyors, reported average download speeds exceeding 43Mbps, surpassing the expectations of attendees. The data usage during the event was substantial, equivalent to downloading the complete soundtrack of a top West End musical nearly 3000 times.

Ontix’s small cell deployments in Trafalgar Square are part of a long concession agreement with Westminster City Council, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing wireless connectivity in urban areas.

Vodafone’s Head of Detailed Planning and Optimisation, Ker Anderson, emphasized the challenges of maintaining fast mobile data in crowded locations, revealing that Vodafone deployed temporary masts over 140 times in 2023 alone.

Additionally, Vodafone’s dedication to network investment and capacity expansion was underscored by their recognition as London’s Best Network in August 2023 by NET CHECK, a European testing company.

Andy McKinnon, Chief Commercial Officer at Ontix, praised the success of the small cell solutions, emphasizing their importance in overcoming connectivity challenges in densely populated urban environments.

“Vodafone’s results are a testament to the power and innovative nature of our small cell solutions, designed to excel in the most challenging of environments to provide coverage for the busiest of urban areas,” stated Andy McKinnon. He highlighted the increasing significance of small cells for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in areas where obtaining transmitter sites is difficult, making them a vital solution for ensuring robust network performance.

As Vodafone continues its commitment to network excellence, the success at Trafalgar Square serves as a prime example of the positive impact of advanced wireless infrastructure in meeting the growing demands of connected communities.