ZTE, China Mobile achieve 5G single cell throughput of 3.7 Gbps

ZTE and China Mobile showcase MU-MIMO at MWC Shanghai 2019

ZTE, in partnership with China Mobile, achieved 5G single cell throughput over 3.7 Gbps, and a single EU downlink data rate of more than 200 Mbps in a 5G MU-MIMO multi-user performance test performed at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019 .

The MU-MIMO test, performed at China Mobile’s Guangzhou 5G field, used ZTE’s 160M full-band 4/5G dual-mode commercial base station and 16 ZTE commercial mobile phones Axon10 Pro. The base station supports dynamic spectrum sharing, achieving dual-network integration at 2.6GHz.

MU-MIMO the core technology in 5G thanks to the multi-antenna features that help maximize the utilization of spectrum resources, creating much greater revenue for users, ZTE said.

ZTE said the test result also shows a four-time increase in network system capacity than that of the SU-MIMO technology. The test footage and data were also transmitted back to China Mobile’s booth at MWC Shanghai in real time from Guangzhou.

China Mobile, at the forefront of 5G commercialization, in partnership with ZTE, has developed the world’s leading 5G prototype base station, the world’s leading 5G site, the world’s leading 2.6GHz NR IoDT and the world’s leading end-to-end system, the company said.