ZTE, China Mobile bring 5G high-frequency prototype

ZTE and China Mobile announce latest 5G high-frequency prototype
Telecom network maker ZTE and China Mobile showed their 5G network slice prototype system on Intel Xeon processor at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016).

5G network slice prototype system creates dynamic 5G application scenario network slices via a visible orchestration environment, including mobile broadband (xMBB), internet of things (IoT), mobile edge computing (MEC) and more.

5G network service slice deployment enables the network to become more flexible, economic and highly-efficient. It can adapt to the requirements of multi-system, variable scenarios and business modes, which better support the future of digital mobile.

ZTE and China Mobile also announced their latest 5G high-frequency prototype and demonstrated 10 Gbps+ high bitrate, beam-tracking, and other 5G technologies.

This ZTE-developed prototype operates on a 15 GHz carrier with a bandwidth of 500 MB and boasts a hardware structure of a baseband unit (BBU) and an intelligent remote radio unit (RRU). It uses beamforming technology so that mobile terminals can be tracked by multiple beams rapidly and adaptively to achieve 3D coverage in all directions and adapt to different user applications.

The 5G prototype from ZTE is designed for the commercial use of 5G on low spectrum bands to high bands.

“As the enabler of M-ICT, ZTE is willing to go hand in hand with operators to empower the world with technology,” said Xu Huijun, CTO of ZTE.