ZTE inks MoU with SoftBank for R&D on Pre5G networks

ZTE announced its agreement with SoftBank to undertake research and development on Pre5G networks technology.

The two companies will cooperate on R&D, evaluation and verification of mobile communications solutions based on ZTE’s Pre5G technology, including Massive MIMO (multiple input multiple output).

Both SoftBank and ZTE are already working on technologies including Massive MIMO (multiple input multiple output), UDN (ultra-dense networks) and MUSA (multi-user shared access).
ZTE, SoftBank MoU on 5G
ZTE’s Massive MIMO base stations can support more than 100 antenna elements, and provide higher space division multiplexing gains than traditional 8-antenna base stations without changing existing terminals or air interfaces, enhancing spectrum utilization. With ZTE’s Massive MIMO base station, up to eight users can transfer data simultaneously.

Keiichi Makizono, senior vice president of SoftBank, said: “The technology being developed under this agreement will help define future Mobile Internet communications. In our plans to develop next-generation mobile networks, SoftBank will derive large benefits from the Pre5G collaboration with ZTE.”

Zhang Renjun, senior vice president of ZTE, said: “ZTE is making great investments in 5G to lead the industry in the development of this key technology of the future.”

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