ZTE selected by AIS for 5G network

Advanced Info Service (AIS), the number one digital service provider in Thailand, has selected ZTE to upgrade technologies such as 5G to enhance network quality and enhance user experience to phone customers.
ZTE at Mobile World Congress 2022
ZTE and AIS will launch 5G Innovation Center in Thailand for 5G research and 5G innovations, for both infrastructure and solutions, to bolster the development of innovative 5G applications for key industry verticals.

“5G will become a key variable in the near future to affect transformation, from consumer behavior to social contexts, and the growth of Thailand’s digital economy,” said Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of AIS.
“We will innovate in 5G technical solutions and applications, and work with AIS to explore the huge potential of 5G networks in the digital economy era,” Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation, said in a news statement.

AIS is currently expanding its 5G network to cover all 77 provinces of Thailand, reaching 78 percent of the population.

In March 2022, AIS, Qualcomm and ZTE announced 5G NR-DC showcase in the field with 2.6GHz and 26GHz, achieving 8.5Gbps peak downlink speed and 2.17Gbps peak uplink speed with a single mobile device.