ZTE wins over 25 5G commercial contracts


ZTE announced it has secured over 25 5G commercial contracts globally and has been already committed to 5G partnerships with over 60 operators across the globe.

Currently Huawei, ZTE’s top competitor, leads as the top player by procuring 46 network contracts globally.

Nokia is trailing Huawei with 42 5G network contracts.

Ericsson, meanwhile, announced it has won 22 5G contracts so far, the latest being the one from GCI, a telecom operator in Alaska.

ZTE recently announced it has won 5G deal from Telekom Indonesia.

ZTE is contributing significantly for the growth and commercial rollout of 5G.

As of June 15, ZTE had declared 1,424 families of 5G Standard-Essential Patents(SEP) and patent applications to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), ranking global top 3 in terms of the number of such families.

ZTE has filed more than 3,500 5G patent applications, with over 30 experts at the company taking the key positions, such as president and reporter, in international standardization organizations.

Given the strong demand for 5G applications and the change in the models of how businesses will collaborate in the world of 5G, ZTE and its partners jointly carried out a large number of exploratory projects in 5G industry applications.

The coalition also promoted cross-industry integration and development, advocated for the implementation of intelligent ports, intelligent industry, intelligent security and other industry applications, in a move to build a healthy and complete industrial ecosystem together, ZTE said..

To date, ZTE has teamed up with operators and partners to build models for vertical industry application of 5G+ in more than 15 verticals, and established strategic cooperation with nearly 200 partners within the ecosystem to promote the digital transformation of the industry.