India unveils Bharat 6G Alliance to bolster 6G

India’s Union Communications and Electronics & Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw has unveiled the Bharat 6G Alliance, a new initiative to launch the next-generation technology in India.
Ashwini VaishnawBharat 6G Alliance is an alliance of public sector, private sector and other departments and will work for the development of new telecom technology and 6G in the country.

“India has acquired over 200 patents for 6G technology. The forthcoming 6G technology will leverage the foundation laid by 5G and offer enhanced capabilities such as improved reliability, ultra-low latency, and affordable solutions,” the minister said during an event.

India’s telecom in past 9 years

# Data cost has been reduced from Rs.300/GB in 2014 to Rs.10/GB in 2023

# The Right of Way permission which took 230 days has been reduced to 9 days

# BTS sites have been increased 4 times to 25 Lakh

# FDI in Telecom Sector has increased to 24 billion Dollar

# In 5G , India Telecom industry has clocked investment of over 2.25 Lakh cores

# Allocation of spectrum after the auction to TSPs was done in 24 hours

# BSNL has become a market stabilizer and is now making operating profits

# India is exporting technology to 12 countries including USA

# 4G footprint is now 99% and for remaining 38,000 crores has been put in to ensure 100% connectivity

# Over 2.7 lakh 5G tower have been installed almost at a rate of 1 Tower per minute making India among Top three 5G ecosystems in the World.

# Almost 1.5 lakh broadband connection have been provided in rural areas.

# Under PLI, over 1,600 crore investments has happened in Telecom Manufacturing

# Over 200 patents in 6G technology

The government will also roll out the next set of telecom reforms in the coming few weeks. 6G is likely to provide speed nearly 100 times faster than 5G and enable the development of new communication applications.

The Bharat 6G Alliance will deliberate on various aspects of emerging telecom technologies and platforms in the next decade.

In March this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the 6G vision document.

Devusinh Chauhan, Minister of State for Communications, said India witnessed one of the swiftest rollouts of 5G networks, with the establishment of 2.70 lakh 5G sites within nine months.

Prime Minister Modi has emphasised that the 6G initiative will create new opportunities for innovators, industries and startups. In March, he released a vision document that details India’s plans to develop and launch 6G telecom services in a few years.