ZTE and China Unicom sign agreement on 6G network

ZTE Corporation and China Unicom have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 6G.
ZTE US challengeZTE and China Unicom will give full play to their own innovative advantages in the 6G field. Based on China Unicom’s network and service situation, both sides will jointly explore the prospect and technical trends of 6G.

ZTE and China Unicom will carry out cooperation on 6G technological innovation and standards while actively promoting the in-depth integration of 6G with satellite networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial IoT.
China Unicom and ZTE will conduct joint research on the potential key technologies of 6G, including three dimensional connectivity, Terahertz communication, and the integrated communication and sensing.

ZTE and China Unicom will also verify the feasibility of these technologies through both the verification tests and the prototyping trials to achieve the 6G network performance targets, such as the peak data rate of 1 Tbps, the user experienced data rate of 20 Gbps, the volume traffic capacity of 100Gbps/m.