123NET Teams up with Adtran to Expand High-Speed Fiber Broadband Services Across Michigan

123NET has partnered with Adtran, a provider of networking and communications equipment in a bid to bridge the digital divide and bring ultra-fast high-speed fiber broadband to underserved communities in Michigan.
Adtran’s Mosaic platform
The collaboration leverages Adtran’s scalable and flexible Mosaic software platform, powered by XGS-PON technology, to rapidly deploy high-quality connectivity to previously neglected regions.

With the deployment of Adtran’s Mosaic software platform, 123NET can offer tailor-made, high-speed fiber broadband services to a diverse range of communities across Michigan, including rural areas. This strategic move ensures that no community is left behind in the state’s digitization journey.

Chuck Irvin, Executive Vice President at 123NET, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “With the flexibility of Adtran’s AI-driven Mosaic software and the support of its expert team, we’ve been able to push forward our commitment to improve connectivity in Michigan. Our expanding fiber-to-the-home infrastructure is growing into rural regions, ensuring no community is left behind. Now families in these underserved areas can enjoy the same high-speed, reliable connectivity as those living in dense urban environments.”

Adtran’s Mosaic One software-as-a-service provides 123NET with a comprehensive and unified view of its end-to-end network, enabling efficient provisioning of new services and streamlining operational tasks that were previously manual. This results in consistent, highly competitive pricing for 123NET’s customers.

The collaboration also extends to enhancing in-home Wi-Fi experiences for subscribers. 123NET is utilizing Adtran’s SDGs and Plume management system to help customers tailor their Wi-Fi services to their specific needs. The system uses AI to learn about customers’ home environments and automatically adjusts Wi-Fi to ensure optimum security, reliability, and performance.

“We’re working closely with the team at 123NET to ensure they have everything they need to deliver reliable and robust full-fiber services to Michigan’s most underserved communities,” John Scherzinger, GM of Americas Sales at Adtran, said.

The partnership between 123NET and Adtran marks a significant step forward in Michigan’s digital transformation journey. By bringing high-speed fiber broadband to underserved areas, the collaboration aims to empower communities, foster economic growth, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents throughout the state.