Airtel Dominates in India’s Fixed Broadband Experience: Opensignal Report

The latest Opensignal report has revealed the experience of customers of fixed broadband services across India.
Airtel user experience in fixed broadband market

Key Findings:

  1. Airtel Takes Center Stage Nationally:

Airtel emerges as the top performer nationally, leading in four out of five broadband user experience categories.

Airtel excels in Broadband Video Experience and dominates all three speed metrics.

Airtel outpaces Jio by 10.3Mbps (30.4 percent) in Broadband Download Speed and 6.5Mbps (24.3 percent) in Broadband Upload Speed.

Airtel’s Broadband Peak Download Speed of 213.6Mbps surpasses Jio’s by a significant 37.6 percent.

  1. Jio Leads in Consistent Quality:

Jio takes the lead in Broadband Consistent Quality at the national level, with 71.6 percent of Jio users meeting minimum recommended performance thresholds.

Jio outperforms Airtel by 3.2 percentage points in ensuring a consistent user experience for HD video streaming, group video calls, and gaming.

  1. Regional Dynamics in Major Cities:

In seven major Indian cities, namely Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata, multiple providers shine in different categories.

Airtel leads in Ahmedabad and Mumbai for speed, while Hathway dominates in Bengaluru and shares the top spot in Chennai with ACT.

Excitel stands out in Delhi and Hyderabad for both download and upload speeds.

Jio consistently excels in consistent quality across all included cities.

  1. Airtel’s Video Experience Victory:

Airtel secures the top spot in Broadband Video Experience with a score of 69.6 on a 100-point scale, just 0.3 points ahead of Jio.

Both Airtel and Jio fall within the Very Good category, indicating optimal streaming capabilities for users.

  1. Airtel’s Download and Upload Speed Superiority:

Airtel dominates Broadband Download Speed with an average of 44.1Mbps, surpassing Jio by 10.3Mbps.

Airtel leads in Broadband Peak Download Speed, achieving an average of 213.6Mbps.

Airtel also claims the top spot in Broadband Upload Speed, outpacing Jio by 6.5Mbps.

  1. Jio’s Stronghold in Consistent Quality:

Jio secures a robust score of 71.6 percent in Broadband Consistent Quality, showcasing consistent high-performance for demanding internet tasks.

This Opensignal report underscores Airtel’s dominance in India’s fixed broadband landscape, emphasizing the dynamic regional variations in broadband infrastructure and user experiences across the country.