Airtel launches carrier digital platform for global carriers

Bharti Airtel announced the launch of carrier digital platform to enable global carriers to do wholesale voice business with Airtel at the click of a button.
Airtel Africa network and revenueThe digital platform will offer paperless sign-up, quick voice interconnects and real-time traffic analytics for global carriers.

Airtel said the platform will allow customers to buy voice termination services from Airtel enabling them to propose sell rates for their target markets. The main benefit will be the cut in on-boarding time to few hours.

The platform also offers live rates for routes across the world enabling faster decision making for traffic exchange. Through real-time usage analytics, users can access various real-time online reports that will track key performance indicators (KPIs) including traffic, traffic rates, payment etc for destinations of their choice.

Airtel in a statement said the voice platform will empower global carriers with faster decision making, enhanced business efficiency through considerable reduction in time required to get started on voice interconnects.

Airtel will provision a single window on the digital platform for product discovery, on-boarding, billing, payment, enquiry, and supportacross multiple B2B products.

“Our customers can leverage Airtel’s global voice network on a real-time basis with high quality voice termination,”  Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO ‑ Global Voice & Data Business, Bharti Airtel