Alcatel-Lucent ships one millionth VDSL2 vectoring line


Telecom Lead Europe: Alcatel-Lucent has shipped its one millionth VDSL2 vectoring line.

This newest DSL technology, according to Alcatel-Lucent, enables service providers to offer super-fast broadband by upgrading their existing copper access infrastructure.

Federico Guillen, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Fixed Networks business, said: “Many broadband customers around the world still only get 2 to 8Mbps connections at home. Knowing that their existing DSL plug in the wall could provide up to 100Mbps is very exciting.”

Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 vectoring technology, launched in late 2011, enables service providers to achieve downstream broadband speeds of 100 megabits-per-second (Mbps) over existing copper connections at up to 400m.

Alcatel-Lucent has delivered one million VDSL2 vectoring lines to 11 different service providers, including Belgacom and Telekom Austria.

In addition, Alcatel-Lucent has done more than 40 trials, including TDC Denmark, China Telecom, and, with P&T Luxembourg.

Teresa Mastrangelo, founder of Broadbandtrends, said: “VDSL2 vectoring has the potential to relieve the pressure being put on service providers to deliver high-speed broadband today.”

The Broadbandtrends VDSL2 Vectoring Report predicts that all VDLS2 lines shipped from 2014 onwards will be vector-capable, reaching a total installed base of 59 million vectoring lines by 2017.


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